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Hi I'm Alex Beciana

Full stack software engineer with two years of experience with an entrepreneurial spirit. Previous experience with five years in digital marketing, product management, and community management, working in tech (startup to FAANG), education, and music as well as leading a profitable startup. Accustomed to working across technical and non-technical teams and managing project roadmaps.


Alex Beciana | Skill - Git
Alex Beciana | Skill - Ruby
Alex Beciana | Skill - Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails
Alex Beciana | Skill - Ruby Gems
Ruby Gems
Alex Beciana | Skill - JavaScript
Alex Beciana | Skill - TypeScript
Alex Beciana | Skill - HTML5
Alex Beciana | Skill - CSS3
Alex Beciana | Skill - Tailwind CSS
Tailwind CSS
Alex Beciana | Skill - ReactJS
Alex Beciana | Skill - Redux
Alex Beciana | Skill - NextJS
Alex Beciana | Skill - Gatsby
Alex Beciana | Skill - Twilio
Alex Beciana | Skill - GraphQL
Alex Beciana | Skill - hygraph (fmr. GraphCMS)
hygraph (fmr. GraphCMS)
Alex Beciana | Skill - Heroku
Alex Beciana | Skill - Vercel
Alex Beciana | Skill - PostgreSQL
Alex Beciana | Skill - SQLite
Alex Beciana | Skill - Figma
Alex Beciana | Skill - Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop
Alex Beciana | Skill - Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Illustrator
Alex Beciana | Skill - Adobe InDesign
Adobe InDesign
Alex Beciana | Skill - Adobe XD
Adobe XD
Alex Beciana | Skill - Google Analytics
Google Analytics
Alex Beciana | Skill - Google Cloud Platform APIs
Google Cloud Platform APIs
Alex Beciana | Skill - HubSpot
Alex Beciana | Skill - JIRA
Alex Beciana | Skill - Prisma
Alex Beciana | Skill - Supabase
Alex Beciana | Skill - Jenkins
Alex Beciana | Skill - Postman


Swanson Health Products logo
Swanson Health Products is a natural health catalog and Internet marketing company headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota.

Swanson Health Products

Frontend Developer

Apr 2022Present
Swanson Health Products - Website
  • Running ADA compliance audits and implementing changes for users with disabilities
  • Consistently learning and growing with upkeep and newly added features — working with legacy code on a Java backend using Spring MVC and JSP views, adhering to team standards with a React frontend, etc.
Faraday logo
Faraday is an ethical AI prediction platform that aids brands and agencies in their efforts to incorporate AI and machine learning in their marketing strategies.


Frontend Developer

May 2021Mar 2022
Faraday - Website
  • Designing, creating, and iterating on clean, reusable code in NextJS with TypeScript and TailwindCSS for various user experience stories
  • Introducing and implementing user click, page scroll depth, and heatmap tracking within Faraday's Marketing reporting practices
  • Improving page layout and components based on user analytics and conversion best practices, resulting in major lifts in user interactivity and conversion
  • Translating technical concepts to non-technical teammates and leadership and advising on tech stack and tooling to meet department efforts
  • Constructing API automation and integrations based on Sales/Marketing team goals and needs
  • Conducting reporting on all web property analytics and providing actionable takeaways/insights and recommendations for future success
Alex Beciana logo
Working with a variety of clients from mom-and-pop shops to nationally distributed vineyards to NFT startups, providing software and web development solutions to meet their needs.

Alex Beciana

Freelance Software Engineer

Jun 2020Jan 2022
  • Designing and implementing the front-end using HTML5, CSS3, GraphQL, ReactJS, NextJS, and TailwindCSS
  • Preparing multiple designs and wireframes for clients' approval before proceeding with development
  • Meeting with the prospective clients to review the website, and gather the client’s specifications and notes for a new or existing website
  • Collaborating with UI/UX designers, building functional frontends according to their specifications
Major League Hacking logo
Major League Hacking (MLH) is the official student hackathon league in North America, Europe, and APAC.

Major League Hacking

Digital Marketing and Program Coordinator

Nov 2017Apr 2020
Major League Hacking - Website
  • Collaborated on new community strategies - increasing completed events by 350% and a 260% increase in attendance, resulting in the empowerment of 13,000+ community members
  • Mentored and advised 800+ professional and student organizers (domestic and international) via community building/management and marketing resources to be used by student organizers
  • Promoted the community and product offerings via social media, email marketing, in-office events, and partnerships - working closely with sponsors - GitHub, JPMC, BlackRock, Amazon, Google, Twilio, Capital One, etc.
  • Created successful email marketing campaigns to an audience of over 140,000+ for various frequencies (seasonally, monthly, and weekly)
King Pizza Records logo
Brooklyn's tastiest DIY record & tape label.

King Pizza Records

Publicity / Radio Outreach Assistant

Jul 2015Sep 2017
King Pizza Records - Website
  • Responsible for securing domestic and international coverage of events and artists by attracting the press via press releases, email correspondence, and networking.
  • Created marketing and public relations guide to be followed by the label and its artists.
  • Maintained close relationships with various radio stations, blogs, and retail stores.
New York University - Kimmel Center logo
New York University is a private research university based in New York City.

New York University - Kimmel Center

External Events Scheduler

Mar 2017Aug 2017
New York University - Kimmel Center - Website
  • Booked and kept track of 400+ events, resulting in $350,000 in revenue
  • Acted as the liaison between NYU and clients, trusted with high levels of sensitive information from both sides
The Gateway logo
A former music venue based in Brooklyn, NY.

The Gateway

Head Event Booker/Talent Buyer

Aug 2016Aug 2017
  • Managed 60-100+ events and concerts each month as well as additional space bookings on an event planning calendar
  • Calculated the risk/reward factors with events, making sure the venue stayed on/below budget
  • Grew and cultivated close relationships with other bookers/promoters, artists, and booking agents
New York University - Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service logo
New York University is a private research university based in New York City.

New York University - Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service

Web Project Coordinator

Sep 2016Mar 2017
New York University - Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service - Website
  • Acted as the liaison between the IT web team and the school’s faculty/staff
  • Supervised content placement, editorial proofreading, and provided feedback to departments


CUNY - Baruch College - Zicklin School of Business logo

CUNY - Baruch College - Zicklin School of Business


Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Business Administration

Concentration in Marketing Management, Digital Marketing specialization

SUNY - Suffolk County Community College logo

SUNY - Suffolk County Community College


Associate of Science (AS) in Business Administration and Management

Flatiron School logo

Flatiron School


Full-Stack Web Development, Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript programming bootcamp.